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When I purchased an old house, I knew I needed the expertise of Kamila. I had previously witnessed her impressive work on a project for a friend of mine. From the moment she entered the property, Kamila demonstrated an exceptional understanding of what needed to be done. She provided open ideas, set clear deadlines, and, true to her word, completed the work on time.
Kamila went above and beyond, putting in extra hours to ensure that my house became a home. Her dedication and professionalism were truly commendable. Beyond her skills as a professional, Kamila is a warm and friendly person, making the entire process not only efficient but also enjoyable.
I wholeheartedly recommend Kamila to anyone in need of a talented and dedicated professional. My experience with her in Opole, Poland, was nothing short of excellent.
Anna K., Warsaw, Poland

Purchasing a holiday home is one thing, but rearranging it to reflect your vision can be quite a task. Fortunately, I had the pleasure of working with Kamila, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.
I called Kamila to help us transform our holiday home in the south of Spain, and she went above and beyond. Flying all the way from the UK, Kamila spent hours brainstorming ideas and putting in the actual work to help us create the ideal summer hideaway. Her dedication, creativity, and attention to detail truly shone through.
Now, our Marbella retreat is a haven from the British rainy days, thanks to Kamila’s expertise. I highly recommend her services.
Stacey W., Marbella, Spain

Decorating my house for Christmas has always been a cherished tradition. However, after my husband passed away, the energy to set up the Christmas tree or deck the halls seemed to fade. It was then that a dear friend passed along Kamila’s contact.
From the moment Kamila entered my home, she not only brought her talent for creating cozy seasonal spaces but also a warmth that turned my house into a little, inviting cottage. Her efforts went beyond decoration; they brought a renewed sense of comfort during a difficult time.
Since that initial meeting, I’ve continued to arrange dates for Christmas and Easter with Kamila. Each time, my home transforms into a place of joy and warmth. Kamila is not just a decorator; she’s a pure angel and a very good listener. Her presence and thoughtful touch have made these holidays special, and I am grateful for the joy she has brought to my home.
Andrea, Brighton, UK

I’ve known Kamila since high school, and over the years, I’ve witnessed her remarkable talent for transforming spaces. Every visit to her was a delightful surprise as her bed seemed to change places, and the desk was never in the same spot. ‘It’s all about the lighting,’ she would say.
Kamila’s skill in rearranging rooms, not just hers but eventually mine and other friends’, was centered around optimizing the space against the daylight. Her focus was to save as much natural light as possible, creating environments that felt both energizing and serene.
Beyond her knack for interior design, Kamila is an amazing person and a very spiritual human. Her understanding of the importance of light in our living spaces reflects her holistic approach to creating harmonious environments.
Marta, Lodz, Poland

Kamila not only transformed my home to reflect its inherent beauty but also infused it with the spirit of each season. Her work has been truly exceptional, and she will be greatly missed here in here in the UK.
Every time Kamila entered a space she worked on for us, the results were outstanding. Her ability to capture the essence of a home and bring out its unique character is unmatched. If you’re considering booking her services, do not hesitate—she consistently delivers a great job.
Steve, Colwyn Bay, UK

Creating the right atmosphere is a skill Kamila undoubtedly possesses. Her meticulous attention to the smallest accents and décor pieces, coupled with her straightforward approach, made working with her in my coffee shop both challenging and immensely rewarding.
Kamila’s ability to connect a place with its visitors is truly remarkable. She doesn’t hesitate to express her opinions if something doesn’t align with her vision, ensuring that every detail contributes to the desired ambiance.
Working with her was worth every penny, and I look forward to the possibility of having her arrange my second shop in Europe soon. Kamila comes highly recommended for her expertise and dedication
Best regards, Barry, Dublin, Ireland

Initially hesitant about hiring decorating services, I preferred doing everything on my own. However, hiring Kamila turned out to be a game-changer! Not only did I save time, struggle, and stress, but I also gained a good friend and a beautiful holiday apartment that has been rented for the full season.
Kamila has a keen understanding of what catches the eye of holidaymakers. Her expertise in transforming spaces is exceptional, and the results speak for themselves. I was so impressed that I’ve already booked her to decorate my second short-term rental property, and I am confident she will do an excellent job there too.
Laura, Myrtle Beach, SC

We engaged Kamila and her team to arrange a working space for our sales team, and I must say it was an absolute pleasure working with them. From the beginning, they took the time to thoroughly understand our vision, expectations, and, importantly, our budget.
What stands out the most is how they managed to achieve outstanding results with the budget constraints we had. My team now has a fantastic space to work and grow their potentials. Kamila and her team are true visionaries, individuals with a great manner, and a positive attitude.
I highly recommend their services.
Peter, Wroclaw, Poland